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Trials taught me how to war , Tests taught me how to pray , Disappointments taught me how to stand
-Thelma Owens

Anonymous Anonymous Post
June 9, 2016
Please touch and agree with me concerning a lady named Nina. She knows the Lord and she has a relationship with Him. On Tuesday, she was evicted from her home. She is suppose to go to court on Friday, June 10th. Nina is being hit with a lot different things, even concerning her health. She was in a car accident not too long ago, where she hit a pole. This left her with the inability to talk like she used to. And it has affected her walking. She was diagnosed with some kind of disease. She is being ostracized by her co-workers because of the state she is in. She doesn't understand why all of this is happening to her. But I know that God has something greater in store for all that she is walking through. Thank you
Anonymous Anonymous Post
May 2, 2016
Special prayer request for Sanai Perry, 8 years old, who is a student at JC Elementary school in NC. Sanai had to undergo emergency brain surgery. Her family is requesting prayer. We believe the report of the Lord.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 14, 2016
Good morning women of God. I need prayer for direction in my life that I follow the plan God has for me, employment and health issues.
Darlene b. Post
April 14, 2016
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 24, 2016
Im asking for prayer for my friend daughter who is going in for surgery on tomorrow on her thyroid, Her name is Faith.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 20, 2016
I'm asking for my prayer for my daughter, Brittany, who is getting ready to travel overseas for school. She will be there until May 12. My prayers are for protection and that nothing will come neigh her dwelling. Prayers for safe travels there and back. Prayers that this will be a great experience in her field of work. Pray for her dad and I that we will be ok.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 23, 2016
Special prayer request for my former professor's, Pastor Deborah McCalla, husband. Her husband has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. His name is Joshua. I'm asking if we can touch and agree... Knowing that Our God is a Healer.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 15, 2016
Greetings in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I'm requesting prayers for my children, especially for my son, Buddy.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
September 16, 2015
Please pray for the Remnant and their families.
Jermaine C. Post
December 25, 2014
Greetings and Hello Prophetess Thelma OWENS I,M Writing to you For Prayer Request Well I Been Asking God To Send Me A Wife From ATLANTA GEORGIA and I Pray God Move Me To ATLANTA GEORGIA OR MIAMI FLORIDA and I Pray God Send Me Financial Blessings and I Pray God Put and End To the Violence / Homicides and Gang Trouble and Guns and Drug Dealers and Teen Pregnancy and HIV - Aids and Racial Profiling and Driving while on Cell Phones and Drinking and Driving and Texting and Driving and Road Rage and High Gas Prices and Some Young Men Hanging On the Corners and Some Young Men with their Pants Hanging Low and Some Young Men and Women Smoking Weed and Pray For The Youth in My City also to and Young People / Youth Stay in School and Put God First. My Testimony I Had a Stroke Back in May 18 2006 I was Going To Have OPEN Chest OPEN Heart Surgery But it was Blood Clots in My Lungs That,s What Caused My Stroke I,M Doing Well Now I,M Taking Coumadin Medicine Now Jesus is a Doctor in the Sick Room I,M Blessed. I Like to Look at Those Shooting Stars and Rain bows in the Sky and I Have Big Dreams To and The Sky is the Limit For Me and Pray For My Enemies To. GOD WILL MAKE A WAY OUT OF NO WAY FOR ME GOD IS A MIRACLE WORKER GOD WILL ANSWER PRAYERS PRAYER CHANGES THINGS KEEP ME IN PRAYERS AND GOD BLESS JERMAINE CHATMAN OF ROCHESTER , NEW YORK
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